Yelp Negative Reviews: Follow Up

Not too long ago, I did a post about the impact of negative responses from businesses for less-than-favorable reviews on social sites such as Yelp.  With the growing popularity of basing decisions on sites such as these, one would think that business owners would keep a closer eye on their reviews and also respond reasonably and appropriately to positive and negative comments alike.

From my personal experiences (based on response rate to reviews that I have left) there has been a steady increase of owners contacting me personally to see how they can better my experience.  I, perhaps naively, thought that the recent increase meant that most owners are starting to get it.  They are starting to realize the importance of taking care of your customers and responding to the social community.  And then I stumbled across this article on the Marketing Pilgrim.  You won’t believe this Arizona restaurant owner’s response to an unhappy customer.  This is the opposite of how to build relationships through social media.  Take note.

Read the article.

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