Why I Like Vine

Social media is becoming extremely saturated.  When new apps or networks or whatever come out, I’m generally too busy to care as much about jumping on the bandwagon for something new to keep up with.  It’s hard to imagine what could possibly be next in the social landscape without falling in to the same thought processes of something that already exists.  The new MySpace is essentially a new take on what everyone already uses: Facebook.

But once again, something comes out that starts off mysterious and confusing and turns in to something more meaningful. When Twitter first came out, I was skeptical.  A lot people were skeptical.  We couldn’t see the simple benefits of being limited to 140 characters. But as it grew, so did the user base and potential uses. It became a part of our lives and now is a network for information sharing and up-to-the-minute news all over the world.

So when Vine came out, I was skeptical of my skepticism.  I decided to really give it a shot. While I still have not fully mastered the 6-second looping video app, I can already see potential uses for the regular user as well as fun, personable businesses.

It’s more interesting than non-vintage, vintage-looking pictures and has more personality than snapshots of the lunch you insisted on twitpic-ing. It tells a story, but only enough where you have to choose your moments carefully.  It’s like the Twitter of video and the instant sharing capabilities shifts it closer to the fast response time of Twitter.

I’m interested to see where it will all go, and I’ll continue to try to make 6-second gold.

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