Why Blogs Are Important To Your Business

Many companies are skeptical of blogs in the beginning.  I’m not sure why one would be skeptical of perhaps the greatest tool for connection with your online customers, but it happens.  Maybe it’s the worry of the unknown or the worry of coming up with topics or writing content or not having any visitors.  Whatever the reasons, blogs for businesses are still getting a bad rep.  So why do I need a blog you ask?  It’s simple:  To talk about what you do.

No matter what industry you are in, there is something to be written.  The wonderful part about blogs is that there is ALWAYS someone out there that shares your interest.  If you come out with interesting things to say, people will listen.  When we had a client that wanted to advertise their call center, did we come up with things to talk about?  Yep.  When we had a client focused specifically on the production of gourmet popcorn, did we come up with things to say?  Yep.  When we had a Toyota dealership that wanted to talk about the latest trends and news at the store, did we find things to write about?  You better believe it.

In fact, in all three instances we were able to come up with very creative ways to approach different aspects of the business.  When the Toyota recall hit Toyota dealerships months ago, we addressed it head on with new posts as often as we could get them up with updates and information for their customers.  Combine that with a fully comprehensive social media strategy and you have a cross-platform marketing effort that addresses your customers in their own social networking backyard.

Blogs are also picked up very well by the search engines.  A well-constructed blog will index very quickly with the search engines due to the amount of new content being added.  This means that on top of optimizing your website for search engine traffic, your blog is constantly optimizing itself and also taking up popular search engine real estate.  How sweet is that?

In the end, blogs can be a valuable tool for your business regardless of what you do.  If you’re thinking to yourself, “My business is really niche.  I wouldn’t be able to drive an audience.”  You should be thinking the exact opposite.  You have the rare opportunity to capitalize on a subject that most people haven’t thought about.  Think big and grow big.  That’s how the best businesses work, right?

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