Welcome to my best blog ever! (And my only blog ever!)

So I’ve been doing online marketing for three years now and am still pretty fresh to the game.  I LOVE being in the thick of social media marketing campaigns and helping people with their websites.  Through all of the time that I’ve spent online, I’ve come across some really great websites and some really terrible websites.  It seems some people are still sticking to the same sites they started in 1998, and it’s my job to help improve them.

I’ve been pretty centralized in social media marketing and search optimization through my time in the online arena, but have some experience with pay per click advertising and video optimization as well.  I am completely in love with businesses that make moves to think outside of the box.  I think marketing is shifting in a way that we as consumers are deciding which marketing channels to use and business owners have the ripe opportunity to shift with us.  The days of traditional advertising are dimming with the entrance of booming technology into our daily lives.  There is an endless amount of opportunity online as more and more people shift to the Internet for all of their information (and commerce.)

It is easy to ignore Twitter and Facebook if you didn’t grow up with them.  I was fortunate enough to catch the tail end of Facebook in college and it quickly became a part of my life.  Most businesses, however, have been slow to adapt to the changing market and have paid the price.  A majority of the people my age are using tools like Twitter and Facebook to not only interact with friends and family, but products and information as well.  Taking advantage of this shift is what I love to help companies realize.

I have always enjoyed interacting online and have been fortunate enough to make a career out of it.  I have started this blog in the hopes of sharing the information I come across in my life as well as some of my own views and ideas.  Feel free to contact me, and hopefully you’ll get to know me a little bit better.  Cheers!

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