The New Google+

While it seems I’ve been obsessed with posting about Google and all of its wonder the past couple of weeks, I found the new updates to Google+ pages to be particularly compelling.  The latest update launches an entirely new look to the dashboard allowing for real-time hang-outs with friends (basically group Skype), photo galleries, customized widgets, news feeds and essentially what we’ve come to know as your personal timeline.

And even though Facebook and Twitter still hold a special piece my heart (figuratively speaking of course), I could see myself attempting to engage with Google+ more now that the interface lends itself to easy sharing and interactions with friends.  If anything, it simplifies the entire experience to what really matters: interactions, news and sharing.

I’m also super pumped that the “latest features” video showcases the  music of Kina Grannis, who’s cover of “Fast Car” with Boyce Avenue consistently plays itself on repeat on my computer because I consistently find it on YouTube and consistently press play. But that’s just me.

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