Puma’s Clever Little Idea

Puma has always been dedicated to environmental awareness, social responsibility and sustainable development.  They created the puma.safe Team over 10 years ago to work specifically on reducing Puma’s carbon footprint.  So in an effort to restore resources and reduce the amount of waste produced by the company, they have now released what they are calling the “Clever Little Bag” (which is a clever little name, wouldn’t you say?)

The bag was designed by world-renowned designer Yves Behar, who is also the creator of the first model computer used in the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) campaign aimed at bringing both education and technology to the world’s poorest children.  Bringing someone on board who is so concerned with the world’s future has created one of the most revolutionary products the industry has ever seen.  Check out the premier video above.

They also helped promote this great new idea through the use of Facebook, Twitter and the Puma blog. Right on Puma. Right on.

Click for the full article on the Puma Clever Little Box.

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