LinkedIn Product Recommendation Buttons

Since their launch, I’ve always been a fan of LinkedIn product pages.  I think they are very similar to a Google Place page in that you can add a ton of information about your product along with links to product pages, specials and pictures to give a complete overview of your product to the consumer.  However, most people do not realize that you can recommend products the same way that you can recommend people on LinkedIn.  This will become more and more valuable as companies continue to grow their online presence.  To keep up with social media integration tools such as Facebook integration and the relatively new Twitter button, LinkedIn has released product buttons for streamlined recommendations directly from your website.

Now users can embed a simple code on to their websites to place a button for each individual product a company offers.  This can be valuable since you can now get a recommendation from a customer directly from your site instead of having them possibly stumble across it on LinkedIn.  It allows for a more socialized approach at obtaining positive recommendations and isn’t as intrusive as asking someone to go directly to your product page on LinkedIn.

If you haven’t had a chance to check it out yet, you should be able to see it very soon across the web.  I know the digital agency I work for will be implementing it very soon so stay tuned!

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