Ireland: It’s Just So Green

This past summer I took a wonderful trip outside of these continental United States to visit our across the ocean neighbor, Ireland. I’d been wanting to go for quite some time and with the help of a trip my mom won and a few extra vacation days, I was quickly on my way.

We decided to fly in to Dublin, rent a car and see how much of the country we could visit in the short amount of time we had planned.  While driving on the wrong side of the road does take some getting used to, you’ll never get used to the amazing countryside and picturesque architecture and landscapes.

After reflecting on the trip and all of the pictures taken therein, I came to realize that there’s a reason the people in Ireland are so happy (although you probably wouldn’t know it from all the swear words.)  There’s a relaxing atmosphere to every town you visit with an emphasis on spending time with family and friends instead of smartphones and celebrity gossip.

I posted all of the pictures to my Flickr page, but here is quick sampling for your enjoyment.

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