Google Instant Search Previews

By now, everyone is familiar with Google’s “Instant Search”.  They’ve been working hard at generating search results that are faster and more relevant to the searcher at a pace to which you could have never imagined.  But how could they possibly make it better?  Make it more instant of course!

Google is now offering the option of dynamic “page previews” that could possibly change the web design game in the very near future.  Currently, the previews are optional and can be “activated” by clicking on a small magnifying glass next to the search results.  Once the feature has been activated, users can hover over the results to see previews of each web page.  You can tell this is still in the early development phase, as there are still a few cases where the web pages will not preview properly or will not load interactive features.  This could potentially be extremely important to your website structure since your design and functionality might now actually effect the click-through rate of your organic results.

Any website consultant will tell you that the design and functionality of a company’s website should be a high priority alongside online marketing efforts.  If you drive a strong online campaign, the last thing you want to do is lose customers to a poor user experience or confusing interface.  But what this new preview functionality proves is that a customer’s first glance of your website will now matter BEFORE THEY EVEN GET YOUR SITE.  At first glance, it seems the websites that are embracing a “Web 2.0″ design standard are the ones that are looking the cleanest on the search result previews.  If you haven’t evaluated your website in a while, now is the time to test the design and functionality.  You never know what Google will come up with next.

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