Facebook: Messages That Matter

With the release of a slew of new features from Facebook comes new and better ways to connect with family and friends online.  They are constantly expanding their functionality to include new and unique ways of connecting with your social network.  I can’t say that I immediately employ every new feature Facebook releases as not all of them are beneficial to the way that I use the social site, but the newest update to Facebook messages seems like it could be not only generating a better user experience for me, but also the people that I connect with.

The latest update will include a new, innovative (according to Facebook) way of combining all of your online conversations in to one place.  This will allow for many different types of conversations to take place on many different mediums without ever having to leave your comfy, hypothetical Facebook couch.  This, in theory, should allow for a more seamless conversation with your online contacts, regardless of how they decide to contact you.

Of course, I’m anxious to check it out to see if it does in fact do everything they say it will do.  I am always leery about diving in headfirst to such a new product release, but if all goes according to plan, I could definitely be on-board with the new Facebook messaging service.  However, this video claims that my grandma knows how to use email and alas, she does not.

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