Death to Buzzwords

I HATE buzzwords. They generally make no sense and are used so often that they have entirely lost their meaning to the average consumer.

This industry is inherently fast-moving and dynamic, so it only makes sense to use words that people hear and relate to.  However, “digital marketing solutions” and “comprehensive online marketing resources” only go so far in describing what it is you actually do.  Meaning they tell you absolutely nothing about who and what your business is.  They fail to capture what truly makes you unique from the thousands of other vendors and providers out there that want your business just as bad as the next guy.


You had a good run buzzwords.

That being said, I also realize that they are a necessary evil.  Online marketing products have generally accepted names and they cannot be changed.  It would be like trying to sell an HDTV by calling it a “space entertainment screen.”  It just isn’t gonna work.

But the quality and support for service-related industries can be drastically different from company to company.  So the question then becomes: How do you break free from the redundancy of buzzwords to explain your products in a way that is appealing? How do you get people excited about what you have to offer?

There really is no real answer for this and if there were, it would just become the new norm.  Realistically, it’s getting down to the core of what people really want.  Do they actually want a “comprehensive digital marketing solution” or do they want someone that is going to call them to keep them updated and keep up with the latest changes in the industry?

Oftentimes, customers don’t really know what they want when looking to market online. They just want a company that is going to take the time to get to know their business, no matter how big or small, and really think about the success of the company on a large scale. They don’t care about “integrated media solutions.”  They care about their business. They care about their customers. They care about making money.

Figuring out how to incorporate this in to your initial product offering is tricky. But that’s what sets you apart from everyone else. Buzzwords are popular. Connecting with customers at the deepest possible level to their business is not. Which do you prefer?

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