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The Scarecrow

I’m not quite sure why I’ve been on a food kick lately, but this great post from one of my favorite fast casual restaurants, Chipotle, definitely shows a great depiction of what happens to a large majority of the food we consume. Becoming more aware of how the food we consume is made might just […]

Kid President Pep Talk

Sometimes it takes kids like these to help get us adults back on track. I’m loving the messages this kid delivers and the way that he delivers them.  Maybe he should take a run next time around.  Bring us on the path that leads to awesome.

Paperman: New Disney Animated Short

I’m absolutely loving this new animated short from Disney. It’s very well executed and perfect for the approach to Valentine’s Day.  I wish they would do more awesome videos like this, especially because my attention span for Internet videos is so small.

Fight for Space Trailer

What an amazing story and idea for a documentary. It’s wild to think that children will no longer dream of being astronauts because there may be a time where astronauts cease to exist. We need innovations from the smartest people on the planet to make our way of living even more amazing and unless something […]

Greenpeace: Homeless Polar Bear

This is probably one of the most heart-wrenching commercials I’ve ever seen.  Greenpeace imagines another world where polar bears have no home and are forced to live on the streets.  Just don’t read the YouTube comments. Some people just don’t get it.