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We Waste a Lot of Food

This is kind of a mind-boggling video showing just exactly how much food we waste. While we individually aren’t entirely to blame, our processes for getting food from the farm to the table are completely inefficient. If we all make personal changes to the way we buy and consume food, we can save a lot […]

Charity Water Valentine

Check out the latest video from Charity Water.  Just a whole bunch of people with a whole bunch of valentines to give.  The only thing missing is my name. Maybe next time.

War Child

A powerful video from yet another great charity I must needs boast about. War Child is a charity that works with war-affected communities to help children get their childhoods back.  They offer opportunities in education and community programs, dreaming of a world where children know no war.  If you would like to help, they make […]

Charity Bribes

Charity Bribes

Creativity, you’ve done it again! Do you want Larry David to get a Twitter account? Bribe him. Want Morgan Freeman to narrate user-submitted animal videos? Bribe him. How about having the cast of The Wonder Years re-create a famous scene today? Bribe them! Charity Bribes takes the awesomely ridiculous suggestions of users just like you […]