Bully: The Movie

I came across this trailer sometime last week and thought it was such an inspirational story, I had to share it with my family and friends. It’s a documentary about the challenges children face in schools today with bullying and the attitudes some parents and faculty have that, knowingly or unknowingly, tolerate this horrible behavior. The documentary hopes to reach children in school today to teach them why bullying is harmful and the effects it has on children that have fallen victim.

Change.org just recently posted that the Motion Picture Association wants to give the movie a rated “R” rating that would exclude the age of children that actually need to see this movie.  They are hoping to obtain 200,000 signatures convincing the MPAA to change the rating to a safer “PG-13″ rating so it can be shown in schools across America. If you haven’t already, consider signing the petition for change. This could be just the wake-up call some kids need.

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